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All athletes are required to have a signed waiver on file with B.A.S.E.C.  Athletes will not be allowed to enter our facility or attend training sessions until they have signed a waiver.


Our goals are to:

  • Be leaders in our communities by helping to stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Protect our clients by providing the safest environment we can

  • Protect our staff by providing a safe working environment


The first step is to create and maintain a virus-free environment to the best of our ability.

  • Daily cleaning by staff will include:

    • Handles and contacted surfaces cleaned with disinfecting cleaner

    • Deep cleaning will be done daily and repeated for each time interval over 6 hours of operation

    • All disinfecting products will be approved to kill viruses and used according to directions

  • Equipment cleaning during sessions

    • Cleaning equipment protocols will be put in place to limit potential virus spread by contact



Maintaining distance between people is a critical strategy to limit the spread of any infectious disease.   

  • Space & Capacity - classes will be limited in size to allow for 6-10′ of separation between athletes based on local requirements.

  • Coaches will not physically contact athletes, and athletes should not have one to one contact either.  This includes no handshakes or high fives, and manual positioning of athletes.



  • Personal disinfecting is a key in preventing people from catching the virus  

  • Hand sanitizer will be in place at the entrance of the facility

  • Hand sanitation will be required upon entering and before exiting the facility.

  • Additional signage will be put in restrooms and visible locations reinforcing hand sanitizing and washing

  • Anyone coughing or sneezing should cover it with their elbows and immediately proceed to wash or sanitize their hands

  • Additional hand cleaning/sanitizing breaks will be built into sessions around water breaks

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